Indie games at Comic Con Bangalore – Learnings

Finding committed partners Once the stall was bought, I went in search of fellow studios who’d want to join in and help subsidize the cost for each of us. There was a fair amount of interest early on, from developers who really did want to participate. But when it finally came down to putting money(…)

Indie games at Comic Con Bangalore – On the ground

At the outset, we printed A3 posters of each game on display. We also had A4 posters printed of each, intended for people to shuffle through – like a menu of sorts. We had a dartboard, for contests. It was meant to be a crowd puller, and the winner could get any one of the(…)

Indie games at Comic Con Bangalore – Getting started

It’s conventional wisdom by now – Indians don’t pay for games. There have been many reasons paraded for the same, ranging from “Credit card penetration is terrible in India, no wonder people don’t buy apps!” to “We don’t make good enough games, why would anyone – let alone Indians buy them?” and the evergreen “Gaming(…)