Orion’s Gold

Handle the heat and bear the cold, 
Do or don't as was once told, 
Those that don't will lose their hold, 

Such is the price of Orion's Gold. 

Orion's Gold is a game about mining for precious metals in space. Set in a future where the Earth has no natural wealth left, you are a captain trying to bring back precious ore. 

Orion's Belt is the most promising and treacherous of the fields in the region. Your goal is to mine as much as you can, while keeping your ship safe and its temperature in control. Too hot or too cold, and your ship explodes. 

Watch out for the exploding asteroids - if you don't mine them in time, the effect on your ship will be devastating. 

A game born in the Global Game Jam 2013, this experiments with a new form of gameplay, and will take a few minutes to understand. If you enjoy trying something new and different, this is for you. 

You may want to remember this: 
1. Distribute power amongst the portals to guide the mining ships. 
2. Red ore adds to the heat, blue ore adds to the cold. 
3. Don’t let the temperature cross the limit. 
4. Buy upgrades to survive longer and mine deeper within the belt. 
5. Keep an eye out for exploding asteroids. 

Stay alive.